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Inconceivable (formerly Short Bus Raiders) is a raiding guild that was formed in September 2007 by former members of Disconnect, Vividus, Pallida Mors, and various other guilds. Our mission is to progress through raid content at a pace that we find challenging but still comfortable; above all, we want to enjoy the game and each others' company.   We raid for progression 2-3 nights/week, and optional non-progression raids are held on the off-days.

We have a great social scene, and we're looking for smart members that really bring it when they play, but prefer an environment that isn't obsessed with progression at the expense of fun.  If loot, gearscore, and bosskills are all you care about, then seek your fortunes elsewhere.  If you want to have a great time making some friends while killing some bosses along the way, then let us know!


REMINDER: Guild Members must be approved on this site AND be logged in to post in the forums!  (If you're in the guild but don't have an account here, ask an officer for the launchcode to bypass the application approval process)

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Rumored Date for Legion Pre-Patch is July 19 2016

by Elorah, 357 days ago

Fellow members of Inconceivable,

It's been a long time since I've posted on the website; I guess I kind of resigned to the fact that very few people come here for their guild info, but I'm getting back on the horse and posting on the front page to kick the tires and give a once-over to the raid machine as we can see our next challenge on the horizon now.

The source for the rumored date is from reddit, a user that apparently also correctly predicted a few other release dates, claiming "internal leak" as his/her source, so while there is some credibility to this, it is by no means official, yet.


That said; the date seems realistic, giving players a little over a month to mess around with the new skills, let the preorder people have some fun with their new Demon Hunters, and generally get some of the bugs out before the release of Legion on August 30th.

If/when the pre-patch does happen, we'll be resuming our normal raid times of Wed-Thu at 6:15pm server, and the plan will be to just pop into Hellfire Citadel on Heroic to test the new abilities out, unless there is something else they release with the pre-patch that is a more compelling activity on which we can play around with the new stuff.


Hope everyone's been enjoying the break, and I certainly hope to see you all back in Azeroth (or I guess Draenor for a little longer at least) soon.

- Elorah


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